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The speed in communication world

A few days ago, two of my friends who are really professional in computer were talking together. They are 24 and 21 respectively. And with this proportion, the one who was older for two years was talking about one of his memories and experiences.

Right then my attention was draw to this point that before the communication revolution, there must have been difference of at least 50 years between two persons, a grandpa and a grandchild, to say oneís age had not let him to see some things. It was like if they were reporting the history of many ages ago! This is the speed of communication in todayís world. With only one year or even six month of postponement in entering the communication world, you can hear many historical stories!

With such a speed, the more important thing that happens is the distance of generations, which takes place much earlier. Probably the riddle of why the new generation cannot understand its former generation and vice versa could be solved easily if this matter is considered. Once I mentioned in my interview with Cappuchino magazine that the distance between two generations is 20 years as always but the real distance is 150 years! As the former generation was not able to understand the words of 150 years before it, todayís generation cannot also understand the former one.

The most difficult political matter of current societies and our society as well is that with this distance, the words are not heard and understood. The programmers of the former generation schedule their programs but not applied in the society. The young generation has some expectations that the former one cannot even understand their meanings.

None of them could be blamed. Itís not their fault. Only the greatness and the depth of the happened reality of the communication world should be understood. It is mentioned in speeches nicely but I donít think its reality is understood. I do not know. May be I am wrong!!

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